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WCWP's locally produced programs are entertaining and informative and geared to the people who live on Nassau County's North Shore. Our programs which air live on 88.1fm are archived here just in case you missed the broadcast.

New Programs ONLY on WCWP Talk


The Matchup is a comprehensive sports talk show hosted by Lawrence Thomas and Tom Alsip.  Topics covered include the NFL, MLB, NBA, NCAA sports, NHL, fantasy sports and other various sports topics and events across the globe.  Be kept in the know with timely interviews with various sports professionals.  Tune into The Matchup every Tuesday from 4-5 PM Eastern on WCWP Talk


 The Foul Pole is a baseball talk show hosted by Tom Alsip and Lawrence Thomas wherein they discuss all manner of baseball topics.  Expect in depth coverage and analysis from differing viewpoints in an upbeat, engaging manner.  Discussions include, but are not limited to: Hot Stove, Team Breakdowns, the Hall of Fame, the All-Star Game, Mid-Season Report Cards, the Post Season, Annual Awards, College Baseball, the World Baseball Classic, Fantasy Baseball, Minor League Baseball and interviews with other baseball professionals. Tune in to the show Tuesdays from 5 to 6 PM Eastern on WCWP Talk.

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