At Your Service

In depth interviews with people who help other people. Moving inspirational life stories - real success stories! At Your Service host Evelyn Roth spotlights Long Islanders and others who have opted for careers in the helping arts - in health and human services, government and the law, education and religion. They measure success in very non-traditional ways. After hearing their stories maybe you will too. Do you know someone whose story should be told? If so, email or call 516-299-2626 Mondays @ 10am on 88.1fm.

Enjoy Life

A show about having fun and staying young! Join Naomi Joy as she talks with interesting people who are making the most of their senior years! Mondays at 11am on 88.1fm.


What I Did for Love

Join Grace as she talks with interesting people who share their passions in life. Tuesdays @ 10am on 88.1fm.


Senior Moments

Celebrate the Arts and Entertainment We Experience During our Golden Years! Senior Moments with Stu and Nina is produced with the Glen Cove New York Senior Center. Tuesdays @ 11am on 88.1fm


Suddenly Solo

Divorced? Widowed? Over 50? You're not alone. The number of mature men who are "Suddenly Solo," by choice or not, has grown remarkably. No matter what the underlying circumstances, many Suddenly Solos find themselves searching for real-life coping skills as they enter into this new (and yes, exciting!) single phase of their lives. On the Suddenly Solo radio show, Hal Spielman and Marc Silbert (authors of the book, Suddenly Solo - A Lifestyle Road Map to the Mature Widowed or Divorced Man) talk about dating, housekeeping, finances, sex (by the way, there are more single women out there then there are single men!) and so many other issues. With their library of original research and their encouraging and light-hearted manner, it makes great listening for both men and women. Wednesdays at 10am on 88.1fm.



Seldom Said

A Politely Provocative Talk Show with Intelligent and Thoughtful Conversation with Robert Amato Thursdays @ 10 am on 88.1fm


Takin’ Care of Business

Host Richard Solomon, a New York trial attorney, keynote speaker, frequent lecturer for the Georgetown University Law Center, author, and radio and television guest. From the Arts to Politics Rich brings you fascinating interviews with high profile newsmakers. Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Mayor Ed Koch, Tim Russert and Steve Wozniak are some of the people Rich has connected you with on Takin’ Care of Business. Thursday @ 11am on 88.1fm


Project Independence and YOU!

Produced in cooperation with the Town of North Hempstead Department of Services for the Aging. Project Independence and You brings you information and entertainment for senior citizens. Friday at 10am on 88.1fm

Ring of Fire

Hosted by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Mike Papantonio, and Sam Seder. The program focuses on exposing people whom they consider to be "corporate fat cats, polluters and media spinmeisters" Saturday at 10am on 88.1fm

WCWP Music


Rock Music for Adults

Its roots go back to the 1960 and 1970s freeform and progressive music stations. You will hear a more diverse playlist than most other radio stations and our music appeals more to adults than to teenagers. Musical tends to be on the fringe of mainstream pop and rock as well as many other music genres such as indie rock, alternative rock, alternative country, jazz, folk, world music and blues. Weekdays 7am to 10am & 12n to 7pm on 88.1 FM.

The Rock Show

The Rock Show takes you on an eclectic journey through classic rock, pop, folk, psychedelic, rare recordings, current rock, and alternative and beyond. During each program, the host plays music based on a certain theme or concept. Re-experience the days of free-form radio with The Rock Show. Weeknights at 7pm on 88.1fm.

Knockin' on Dylan's Door

Join us for some of the greatest songs ever written. The music of Bob Dylan showcases folk-rock, blues, country, gospel and live performances. Each show includes Dylan cover versions, offering a diverse mix of artists, musical themes and genres. Knockin’ On Dylan’s Door features an epic selection of Dylan related music, from Woody Guthrie covers, to songs that influenced The Beatles, Stones, Hendrix, Springsteen, Elvis Costello and many others. Listen for insightful historical context and find out why Dylan is one of the greatest songwriters from the explosive 1960’s to today. George Walsh is the host of Knockin’ On Dylan’s Door heard Monday night at 9pm on 88.1FM.



Aural Fix Transmission

The Aural Fix edition of the Rock Show is Long Island's longest running local music show! The program features CD Cuts, Interviews and In-Studio Performances from the Long Island music scene. Aural Fix magazine publisher Mike Ferrari created and has hosted the show since 2001. Tuesday at 7pm on 88.1fm.


The Grooveyard

It's a quiet night. You're bored. You try to find something of interest on the radio dial. Then, all of a sudden you hear it. That's right; it's Rock N Roll in its earliest form. It may not be 1962 you've just stumbled into “The Grooveyard”. Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, The Moonglows, The Crows, The Chantels, Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers. They were indeed the saints of this new sound that had angered adult America and threatened the very livelihood of capitalist America. These young men and women, along with their cohorts of Dee Jays (Alan Freed, Wolfman Jack, Jocko) taught Rock N Roll how to crawl and eventually walk. Saturday- 7pm on 88.1fm.



Evening Jazz 

WCWP is collaborating with Martin Phillips to produce this Sunday night treat. The show features American, Latin and African jazz performers. It is a show designed to introduce the three cultures to each other’s best jazz performers and composers. The program is broadcast on WCWP as well as WDNA, Miami, and FMR, Capetown, South Africa. The show highlights renowned jazz artists as well as information about the jazz music scene. Evening Jazz is heard Sunday Nights at 9pm om 88.1FM.

Rock & Soul Gospel

On the air at WCWP for over 30 years, "Rock N Soul Gospel, “hosted by Chris MacIntosh, aka Grandfather Rock, is a program focusing on primarily independent artists. Too often some of the best artists around are ignored by commercial radio because they are not signed to a major label. "Rock N Soul Gospel" gives these indie artists a platform to share some of the best and most inventive music being played today. Friday at 9pm and Sunday at 5pm on 88.1fm. 

DFK – The Disco & Funk King Show

On-Air at WCWP Since 1999, The DFK Show with Jay Mirabile features the freshest dance tracks, dance classics (disco/classic dance), freestyle & heartbeat love songs. The DFK Show w. Jay Mirabile has interviewed many dance artists including KC from KC and The Sunshine Band, Gloria Gaynor, Carol Douglas, Lucas Prata, Reina, freestyle legend Tony from TKA, freestlye legend Sandee, David Naughton and many others. The show has listeners both local and globally. Sunday at 1pm on 88.1fm and mywcwp.